Creating a Kitty Garden

Cats are very curious, and love to explore their domains. However, while Fluffy loves investigating her surroundings, she’s really much safer staying inside, where she isn’t threatened by cars, weather, predators, and other hazards. Indoor kitties do still need stimulation, however. One great way to make your home fun and exciting for your feline buddy is to create a kitty garden for her. A Marietta, GA vet offers advice on cat gardens below.


An enclosed porch or patio is a great spot for Fluffy’s garden. You can also use a sunroom or spare room, or even a bright corner. You don’t have to give up the space: incorporate your pet’s garden into a cozy breakfast spot or reading nook. This may very well end up being your favorite spot to have your morning coffee!


Be sure to only offer pet-safe plants. Some good options are Boston ferns, Spider plants, Rubber trees, and African violets. Ponytail palms are also safe, as are Areca palms. Catnip, of course, is a must. Many other herbs, such as rosemary, parsley, and thyme, are also safe. (Bonus: you’ll have fresh herbs for cooking!) You can also make Fluffy a living grass mat by planting cat grass seeds in a shallow plastic storage tote or even a litterbox. Put it in a sunbeam, so your furry friend can have her own tiny ‘lawn’ to sprawl out on. You can find more suggestions online at the ASPCA website.


When creating your pet’s garden, keep in mind that cats love to knock things onto the floor. If you put small pots out on a wide shelf, Fluffy may very well happily smack them off the shelf. You’ll also need to make sure that your cat can’t inadvertently pull heavier pots down onto herself. This can be very dangerous! Use large pots for floor-level plants. For things at window height or higher, just make sure they are secure.


If you’re a really crafty type, you can make a table with a built-in herb garden out of used furniture or even old pallets. Fluffy will also appreciate a cat tower, a window seat, and, of course, lots of beds to snuggle up in. Wall-mounted furniture will also please your feline overlord.

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