Spoil Your Dog Day

There’s a special doggy holiday coming up: August 10th is Spoil Your Dog Day! Fido would likely insist that every day should be Spoil Your Dog Day, but this is the official one. Read on for some fun suggestions from a Marietta, GA vet on how to pamper your pup.


Is your furry buddy still a puppy? Toys are a perfect gift for young dogs! Offer Fido lots of playthings, including plenty of suitable chew toys, and take time to play with him every day. You may also want to enroll your pet in puppygarten classes. A good crate and a comfy doggy bed are more great ways to get that cute tail wagging.

Adult Dogs

Once Fido is full grown, he’ll need lots of activity and stimulation. Toys are still the number one choice here. Offer your canine buddy a mechanical ball launcher, puzzle toys, or an automated laser pointer. You can also treat your pet by taking him on a fun outing to a local doggy park, or by exploring a new trail with him. Or, get your four-legged friend a doghouse, sandbox, or kiddie pool for the yard.

Senior Pooches

As your dog ages, his needs will change a bit. You’ll want to focus more on keeping him comfortable than keeping him occupied. An orthopedic doggy bed is a great choice for senior dogs. Fido may also appreciate elevated dishes, which are more comfortable for him to eat from than bowls on the floor. Pet ramps or stairs are also good options. You can also treat your furry buddy to a doggy massage or a warm water swim.

All Dogs

No matter what age your dog is, he’ll appreciate a yummy treat. Store-bought snacks are fine, of course. Fido can also have cooked, plain meat, chicken, or fish; a hot dog; a little bacon or sausage; cooked eggs; cheese; or dog-safe fruits or veggies. For extra tail-wags, offer your pup a frozen treat, like doggy ice cream, or some homemade snacks. Just be sure to only offer pet-safe foods. Of course, at the end of the day, the best way to spoil your canine companion is to just spend some time with him and indulge him with belly rubs, ear scritches, and snuggles.

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