Cute Kitty Quirks We Can’t Explain

Does your feline friend have a few mannerisms that are unique to her? Perhaps your pet likes to sleep on your shoe, or loves to curl up around your shoulders. With cats, there is just no end to their adorable—and sometimes perplexing—quirks. However, while each cat is unique, kitties do share a few of these charming mannerisms. Read on as a local Marietta, GA vet discusses some of Fluffy’s more unusual habits.

Box Obsession

Fluffy’s box obsession is pretty adorable. Big boxes, little boxes, our feline pals love them all. Theoretically, this is because cats feel safe in small places. That makes sense. However, we are at a bit of a loss to explain why kitties also like invisible boxes. As it turns out, if you draw or tape an outline of a box on the floor, there’s a good chance your pet will get inside it. We’re stumped on this one.

Odd Sleeping Positions

Fluffy is actually quite athletic, capable of performing amazing kitty gymnastics. But that doesn’t explain why cats can fall asleep in positions usually associated with knots or pretzels.


We actually do know quite a bit about how cats interact with their favorite plant. Fluffy experiences a sort of kitty euphoria from catnip. She may race around, act silly (or in some cases, extra silly), meow, bat at things or roll around. After a few minutes, the effect wears off. But, if you look at the biology behind our furry buddies’ catnip obsession, things get a bit odd. Our feline friends actually have scent receptors in their cute little noses that perfectly fit the scent molecules for catnip. How the heck did that happen? And why? Nobody—including us—knows for sure.


Did you know that cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day? That does seem a bit excessive, doesn’t it? There are a few possibilities for Fluffy’s fatigue. For one thing, our feline companions spend lots of energy while hunting, and need to recoup. Kitties also have a hard time cooling off if they overheat, so they may just be erring on the side of caution by being, well, rather lazy. That said, most other animals get by on much more reasonable amounts of sleep!

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