7 Things Your Dog Wants to Know

Does your dog ever tilt his head when you ask him a question? This adorable habit is one of Fido’s most endearing traits. If your canine buddy could ask you some questions, what do you think he would want to know? In this article, a local Marietta, GA vet lists some of Fido’s top questions.

Can We Go For A Ride? Or A Walk?

Dogs are very energetic and curious, and love getting out and about. Some of our canine friends get super excited at the thought of going to the doggy park or exploring a new trail!

Why Do You Give Me Baths?

We’re pretty sure Fido enjoys feeling fresh and clean, but he isn’t very fond of the process that gets him there. Your pup may run for his favorite hiding spot at the very mention of the dreaded B-word.

What Are You Doing?

It’s probably safe to say that Fido has no concept of privacy. Many dogs like to follow their humans around like furry, four-legged shadows!

What Is Wrong With The Cat?

To be fair, our feline friends can be a bit confusing. We may never figure out why cats are so obsessed with boxes, or why they are so sleepy. As for Fido, he’s more perplexed by some other aspects of kitty behavior. Fluffy hates car rides and belly rubs, doesn’t care if the doorbell rings, and uses a box for a bathroom.

Can I Cheer You Up?

Man’s Best Friend has many wonderful traits, but one of the best is his ability to sense when his humans are feeling down. If you’re sad or upset, Fido may stick closer than usual, and offer you extra cuddles. He may also put a paw on your leg to cheer you up.

Are You Going To Eat That?

Our canine pals are masters at begging. Fido will definitely take note if you are eating bacon, burgers, sausages, or anything else he really likes. Don’t let your pooch manipulate you into overfeeding him!

Who Is A Good Boy?

Dogs are super cute when they are being heaped with praise and attention. Fido is more or less hard-wired to want to please his human buddies. Don’t forget to reward your pet for being good!

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