7 Cute Ways To Keep Fido Cool This Summer

Summer is here! Many of our canine patients really enjoy fun outdoor doggy activities, like playing Frisbee and sniffing new grass. Heat can be hard on Fido, though, so you’ll want to make sure your pet stays cool on those sweltering days. Actually, there are some pretty adorable ways of helping your pup beat the heat. Here, a Marietta, GA vet lists some adorable ways to keep your dog cool in summer.

Cold Snacks

Dogs are always cute, but they’re extra charming when they know they’re about to get a yummy snack. Make Fido’s day by offering him some doggy ice cream, which you can find in pet stores and grocery markets. You can also make your furry pal some custom treats, such as pupsicles. Look online for recipes. Just be sure to stick to foods that are safe for Fido.

Cooling Jackets

Some dogs tolerate heat better than others do. If your pooch hates hot weather, try getting him a cooling doggy jacket. You can also get a cold pack for his bed. Another option is to pop a damp towel in the freezer and put that on Fido’s bed.

Kiddie Pool

Swimming can be a great way for dogs to cool off on sweltering days. If Fido enjoys the water, indulge him with a trip to a pet-friendly swimming hole. You can also get him a kiddie pool to splash around in.

Hammock Bed

Hammock beds are very popular in the tropics. They stay cooler than regular beds, because they allow air to move beneath them.

Pet Fountains

Keeping your pooch hydrated is very important in summer. Consider getting Fido a doggy fountain that activates when he steps on it. This is adorable to watch!

Sprinkler Time

We probably don’t have to tell you that Fido is super cute when he plays in the spray for a hose or sprinkler. If your water quality is poor, spend a few bucks on a hose filter.

Summer ‘Do

Many dogs are more comfortable with a cute summer haircut. However, this isn’t a good option for all pups. If Fido has a double coat, clipping his fur could actually damage it, which could lead to ongoing issues. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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