And Meow, a Word About Cats’ Paws

Does your cat sometimes put a paw on your arm when she wants to politely request attention? Kitty paws are super cute! A Marietta, GA vet discusses Fluffy’s feet in this article.

Rightie Or Leftie

Just like people, kitties favor either their right or left paws. Male cats are usually lefties, while females are more often right-pawed. If you aren’t sure which one your furball is, put a small object on a coffee table before her, and see which paw she uses to smack it onto the floor.


Did you know that kitties have whiskers on their feet? They help Fluffy pick up vibrations around her, which can alert her to the presence of nearby predators.

Furball Fashion

Your pet’s paw pads will usually match her coat. For example, if Fluffy is black and white, she may have pink paw pads with dark spots.

Temperature Regulation

Did you know that cats can only sweat through their paws? On hot days, offer Fluffy an ice cube to bat around. This can be a cute way for her to cool off!

Pawprints In History

Fluffy has apparently had us wrapped around her paws for quite some time. In 2011, researchers came across a purrplexing find when they discovered inky paw prints on a medieval manuscript. Some poor scribe was likely quite frustrated with his feline buddy when that happened!

Kitty Telegram

Have you ever seen a cat scratching a tree? One reason kitties do this is to sharpen their claws. However, there is also evidence that they are marking the bark with scents and scratches. Think of this as kitty graffiti. What are these little furballs saying? It could be anything from ‘Fluffy was here’ to ‘These humans are taken!’

Those Toes

Most of our feline pals have 18 toes. Fluffy has four toes plus a dewclaw on her front feet, and four on her back feet. Some cats, such as Ernest Hemingway’s famous pets, have extra toes. These kitties are known as polydactyls.

Teddy Bear

Here’s something you may not have known about Fluffy’s feet. If you look at her paws upside down, her little ‘toe beans’ look like tiny teddy bears. Just when you thought kitties couldn’t be any cuter!

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