Playing With a Senior Cat

Is your feline pal in her golden years? Fluffy will still be super cute as she ages. As can be expected, older cats are usually more interested in naps than in playing. However, playing is still fun and beneficial for them. Playing not only offers your furry pal a great workout, it also provides her with mental stimulation. This can be very helpful in combatting the cognitive decline some older cats experience. Here, a Marietta, GA vet offers some tips on helping your cat release her inner kitten.

Choose Senior-Friendly Toys

It isn’t uncommon for older cats to experience a loss of vision or hearing, or sometimes both. Fluffy may prefer toys that light up or make noise, as they will be easier for her to track. Choosing playthings that are brightly colored will help as well. You’ll also want to get some things that you control, like a wand toy or laser pointer.

Engage the Furball

Your feline buddy may be friskier on some days than others. Try to engage your cat by waving a toy above her, or holding a laser pointer. Even if Fluffy isn’t feeling very playful, she’ll still appreciate the effort!

Make It Routine

Our feline companions are pretty much creatures of habit. Try to play with your kitty at the same time every day if you can. Just make it a habit to grab a cat toy when you settle into your favorite chair to read or watch TV.

Don’t Worry About Overdoing It

Don’t worry too much about overexerting your furball. If Fluffy gets tired, she’ll just walk away and start looking for her next napping spot.


Always put your furry buddy’s safety first. Keep in mind that older cats can’t jump as high or as far as kittens. Choose a safe spot, preferably on carpet, where there is no risk of your pet falling.


Kitties have tried very hard to get a reputation for being aloof, but we’re not buying it. Fluffy is very emotional, and is extremely grateful for the love and care you give. (She may show that gratitude in odd ways, but that’s another topic.) Don’t be surprised if your feline friend hops into your lap when playtime is over.

Please contact us, your local Marietta, GA vet clinic, for all of your senior kitty’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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