Dog Training Tips

Did you know that February is Dog Training Education Month? In order to learn how to be a good boy, Fido has to master some basic doggy obedience commands. If your pooch hasn’t finished his ‘petucation’ yet, this is a great time to work with him. Read on as a Marietta, GA vet discusses training your canine buddy.


The five most important commands that Fido should learn are Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Work on these one at a time, and make sure your pup has each one down pat before you move on. You may find Sit the easiest to start with.


You want to make training both fun and rewarding for Fido. How do you do that? Incorporate things dogs love, like treats, praise, ear scritches, and, well, more treats. Use small portions, as otherwise you may overfeed your furry student. Cut-up bits of hot dogs work really well here.


Never work with your canine pal when you’re in a bad mood. Your pet may quickly pick up on it, and may form a bad association with training.


Patience is very important when training dogs. You should never reprimand Fido for not getting something right. This may cause him to feel anxious or uneasy about training. Instead, just focus on rewarding him when he does get something.


Another thing that is crucial is being consistent. When teaching your four-legged buddy to respond to vocal commands, use the same phrasing each time. Fido may get confused if you say ‘Lay Down’ one day, and tell him ‘Fido, go lay down in your bed right now,’ the next.


Fido has a pretty short attention span, and may get bored by long classes. About 15-20 minutes is plenty. It’s better work with your pup every day than try to have one long training session every week. Also, try to work with your furry buddy at roughly the same time each day.

Advanced Training

Once your pooch has mastered the essential commands, why not move on to advanced training? Man’s Best Friend is very smart, and can learn to do things like fetch your remote, bring you a drink, or turn lights off and on.

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