Taking Fido to the Beach

Are you planning to hit the shore this summer? If so, your dog would likely be more than happy to accompany you. Fido loves getting outdoors, and he’s also quite fond of going swimming in summer. However, you will need to take some steps to keep your pup safe. A Marietta, GA vet discusses taking your pooch to the beach in this article.

Swim Safety

The beach can be a dangerous place even for good swimmers. This applies to both pets and people! Follow basic safety precautions. First and foremost, only take Fido to beaches that are approved for dogs. Generally, these will have shallower inclines, and should be protected from heavy surf and strong currents. Also, keep a close eye on your four-legged friend when he’s near the water, and never leave him unattended. Remember, Fido will be over his head in just a few feet of water!


Your canine pal will get hot and thirsty very quickly at the beach. Be sure to bring plenty of water along for Fido! You may want to get a doggy water bottle with an attached dispenser.

Paw Care

Fido’s paw pads are very delicate. Your furry friend can get painful paw burns on hot tar or sand. This is an even bigger issue at the beach, where sharp rocks and shells can cut his feet. If your pooch won’t tolerate wearing booties, use paw balm or wax to protect his paws.


Heat is a huge concern for pets in the South. Water, as mentioned above, is the best way to keep Fido cool. You can also get your canine buddy a cooling vest. Or, for something simpler, wet a bandana and tie it around your pup’s neck. We also recommend getting an umbrella for your pooch if you plan to stay at the beach for a while. Timing is important as well. Try to avoid going to beach at midday. It’s cooler in the mornings and evenings.


Training is always important, no matter where you are. Make sure Fido obeys basic commands, such as Sit, Stay, Come, and Heel. Drop it and Leave it are also useful. You really don’t want your furry pal nosing around a dead fish that washed up onshore!

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