Does your kitty go from purring, cuddly ball of fur to hissing ball of rage in the space of a second? Does Fluffy knock things off your table, steal your chair, and then refuse to let you pet her? Cats may be small, but they certainly do have big egos! In fact, some of these little furballs are quite feisty! A local Marietta, GA vet discusses cattitude below.


Kitties are very likely the only one of our animal friends that enjoy biting us. Cats also seem to really like ambushing us. Why do they do this? Usually, Fluffy is just being playful, or even affectionate. Love hurts! (Tip: when your furball does this, blow in her face, then walk away and ignore her.)


Cats don’t really have much of a concept of privacy. Fluffy will sleep wherever she pleases, and has no qualms about following you around. According to our feline overlords, what’s ours is theirs. 


Have you ever gotten worried when Fluffy wouldn’t answer your calls, and gone looking for her, only to find your pet nonchalantly hanging out in a bedroom? Scientists actually got curious enough about this kitty phenomenon to test our feline pals a bit. Turns out, yes, your cat is ignoring you. That’s cattitude!

Talking Back

Some of our feline patients are quite the little chatterboxes. Fluffy may meow back when you talk to her, and she may flat-out yell at you if you’re late with her dinner. Some cats even like to argue! You might also get an indignant meow of rage if you move your kitty mid-nap.

Food On Demand

Fluffy takes breakfast very, very seriously. If you oversleep, your furry little diva may very well react by meowing at you, head-butting you, or even smacking you with her paw.


Speaking of smacking things, have you ever wondered why Fluffy can’t resist knocking things off counters and tables? It may be her way of asking for attention. Then again, it may just be a method of expressing kitty rage. We may never know.

A Lesson Learned

Kitties may be rude at times, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be inspirational. We can learn a lot from Fluffy! Rule number one: get plenty of rest.

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