Fluffy’s Plans for World Domination

Cat World Domination Day is June 24th! Fluffy has been our friend—or, to be more accurate, our overlord—for a very long time. In fact, kitties have been charming us and curling up on our laps for about 9000 years. As it turns out, our feline friends may have been striving for world domination the whole time. A Smyrna, GA breaks down this crucial kitty timeline below.


Kitties certainly had medieval Europe wrapped around their paws, as evidenced by pawprints found on medieval manuscripts. Fluffy also convinced quite a few artists to paint her. Judging by the rather unflattering depictions, cats were just as unimpressed and mischievous back then as they are today!


Kitties basically convinced the ancient Egyptians to treat them as divine beings. Cats were pampered and honored, and often mummified after death. In fact, when a furball died, their humans shaved their eyebrows in mourning.  


The Egyptians weren’t the only people Fluffy charmed. In ancient China, cats got villagers to stock fishponds for them. In fact, an old Chinese joke surmises that kitties are actually highly intelligent aliens known as Miaoxingren … which literally means citizens of the planet Meow. Chinese cat lovers sometimes refer to themselves as Maunu, or  ‘kitty slaves.’

The Future

Is Fluffy trying for complete domination? She does have quite a few agents in the technology sector. Just look at the plethora of modern kitty luxury items, such as remote controlled mice and cat TV shows. Our feline pals have also managed to take over a rather sizable chunk of the internet.


How do kitties plan to get us under their paws? Meowpulataion is one tactic. Cats may have started meowing just to give us orders! The purr is another one of Fluffy’s secret weapons. It’s extremely easy to get lulled into complacency by an adorable, vibrating ball of fur.


Fortunately, kitties’ plans don’t seem too nefarious. We suspect that Fluffy would be most interested in getting us to feed and pet her on demand. (To be fair, many cats have already got that part sorted.) What else is on the  list? Endless supplies of tuna and catfish, plenty of beds, and perhaps some catnip gardens, complete with birdfeeders and fishponds.That doesn’t sound so bad!

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