ID Your Pet Day

Today is a pretty important holiday for our furry friends, although they may not know it. It’s ID Your Pet Day! Making sure that your pet has proper identification is extremely important! Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked, even by the most loving pet owners. A local Marietta, GA vet discusses pet identification in this article.


A microchip is only about the size of a grain of rice, but it could have a huge effect on your pet’s life one day. Chips don’t contain your contact information directly. Each chip only contains an ID number, which is linked to your account in the chipmaker’s database. Vets and animal shelter staff can read that ID number with special scanners. As long as your information is kept up to date, they’ll be able to contact you … and reunite you with your furry bff. Many people get their pets chipped during spay/neuter procedures, but microchipping can also be done on its own. Once your pet has been chipped, you’ll need to make sure that your records are correct in the online database.

ID Tags

While microchips are great, ID tags are still both relevant and necessary. They’re also required by law in many places. Tags are the easiest way for someone to be able to contact you if they find your pet. It doesn’t cost much to get cute custom ones made.

It’s worth pointing out that some people don’t like putting collars on their pets because of concerns about their animal pals getting caught on something. A breakaway collar is a good option for this.


We hope that all of our furry patients stay safe and sound at home. However, it only takes a quick slip for Fido or Fluffy to get away. Get some good, clear photos of your pet. These should be taken from a few different angles. If your animal companion ever does go missing, these will come in handy for making a flyer.


Pets should always travel in crates or carriers. Be sure to put identification on this as well. You can use address labels secured with clear moving tape. Luggage tags will also work. If you and your four-legged friend are ever separated on a flight or in an emergency, this could be extremely helpful!

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