Helping Fido Cope With Fireworks

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, many people are already making plans and looking forward to enjoying a long weekend. Your canine buddy will be delighted to spend some extra time with you! However, it’s probably safe to say that your pooch won’t be quite as excited about the fireworks. Many pups are terrified of them. This is one reason lost pet reports tend to skyrocket—literally—after Independence Day. In this article, a local Marietta, GA vet offers some advice on helping Fido cope with the annual light show.

Bring The Pup In Early

If your furry friend is very scared of fireworks, then you’ll definitely want to take him in before it gets dark. If possible, have him fed, walked, and in his doggy bed before the show starts.


One thing that can help a lot in keeping your canine friend’s mind off the scary noises? Toys! Get your pooch something that will occupy him for a while, such as a chew toy, Kong, or puzzle toy.

Background Noise

Turning on a radio or TV can help mask the noise, so it isn’t as noticeable. A white noise app can also be good for this.

Crate The Pup

Used properly, crates can be wonderful pet care tools. The key thing is to make sure that Fido sees his crate as a cozy, comfy den. Add bedding and toys to make it welcoming for him. You can also leave the door open, so he can come and go as he pleases.

Calming Products

There are quite a few different products on the market that were specifically made for soothing anxious dogs. These include treats, sprays, and collars. Just be sure to follow the package directions to the letter.

Snug Shirts

These are kind of like the doggy version of a weighted blanket. They can be super helpful during thunderstorms! Of course, you’ll have to let Fido weigh in on whether he enjoys his or not. Just like weighted blankets, they aren’t going to appeal to everyone.


Our canine pals are always calmer after a good workout. Tire Fido out with a long walk or a fun play session. For pups that like water, monitored swimming may also be a good option.

Happy Fourth of July! Please contact us here at your local Marietta, GA animal clinic. We are here to help!

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