Teaching Fido Trick

Did you know that September 30th is Pet Tricks Day? Our canine companions have been charming us for thousands of years with their cute antics. As it turns out, teaching your pooch tricks is not only highly entertaining: it can also be quite beneficial! A local Marietta, GA vet discusses dog tricks below.


Teaching Fido tricks is of course fun, but it’s also a great way to spend time with him. At the end of the day, that’s all he really wants! Learning tricks also provides your pup with both mental stimulation and enrichment, which are crucial to his mental and emotional health. Tricks also reinforce the bond between you, by opening up more ways to communicate. They can also build confidence. Plus, they can be handy just for day to day dog care. For instance, if you teach your furry pal that he gets rewarded for giving you his paw to Shake or High Five, you may find that trimming his nails magically gets a lot easier!


When it comes to dog tricks, many people think of the classics, such as Sit, Shake Paw, Roll Over, Sing, and Play Dead. These oldies but goodies are still super charming! However, Fido may also look adorable learning how to Cover Your Eyes, Smile, Crawl, or Shark, which is a sharky-looking doggy grin. Have fun with your pet’s curriculum!

Advanced Training

Many of the more complex commands use simple tricks as a base. For instance, if you want to teach Fido to bring you specific objects, start by teaching him the command to Fetch.


Despite that old adage, you actually can teach an old dog new tricks. The underlying tactics for teaching Fido tricks are the same no matter how old he is. The main thing is to be patient and consistent, and always reward your furry friend for learning. Treats are of course a great option here. Use small portions, so you don’t end up overfeeding your adorable student. (Fido wouldn’t mind this, but it’s important to keep him at a healthy weight.) Training treats are the perfect size, but you can also use bits of kibble or cut-up hot dog slices. Praise is also important. Dogs are adorable when they’re proudly soaking up compliments!

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