Do you have a kitty? If so, you’ll want to get her something special for October 9th: It’s Catober. What is Cattober? Well, it has been designated as Fluffy’s official birthday. Most people don’t know exactly when their feline pals were born, so it makes sense to just choose a day to celebrate with our adorable, meowing friends. A local Marietta, GA vet lists a few things you can do to get that motor going in this article.


Toys are actually very important to your furry bff’s health and well-being. Running and pouncing help keep Fluffy in shape. She also gets entertainment and mental stimulation from her playthings. Pick up a new toy for your kitty!


Interactive play is more fun and more challenging for kitties. It really takes concentration to land those tricky pounces. Grab a laser pointer or a feather toy, and let your feline buddy have fun trying to capture her prey.


Although our furry overlords can be rather finicky, most do have a few favorite things. Fluffy can have some plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken, without the skin, bones or fat. Deli meat is also fine, as are store-bought kitty snacks.


Kitties are very, very good at relaxing. Fluffy can get ridiculously comfortable on things that don’t seem very appealing to us. However, she does appreciate having comfy napping spots. Buy or make your furry pal a good bed. It doesn’t matter much if she already has one, or two, or ten. It’s good to have choices!


Fluffy is extra cute when she’s enjoying the effects of her favorite plant. Of course, some kitties are immune to catnip. If your furball isn’t affected by it, offer her a honeysuckle toy instead.


Fortunately for us, kitties don’t necessarily have purrticularly expensive tastes. Fluffy will be delighted with a cat tower, but she will also appreciate a scratching post or pet condo. (Tip: if you have kids, have them make a box castle. That should keep them busy for a while!)


At the end of the day, what Fluffy really wants is just to spend time with her humans. Pay some extra attention to your feline buddy, and make sure that she feels loved.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns about your kitty’s health or care. As your Marietta, GA animal clinic, we are here for you!

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