Plushie Day

October 28th is Plush Animal Lovers Day! Many of our canine buddies love playing with plushies, aka stuffed animals. These can be great for keeping Fido entertained and letting him indulge his inner wolf. Many pups also like to snuggle up with them for comfort. A Marietta, GA vet offers some tips on giving Fido stuffed animals below.

Choosing Fido’s Toys

When picking out toys for your playful pet, safety is always the first and most important thing to consider. Don’t give your pooch any toys that are small enough for him to choke on. You’ll also want to avoid ones with small parts, such as plastic eyes, buttons, or accessories, as these are also potential choking hazards. Avoid toys that light up or play music. These usually have batteries, which are definitely not something that you would want your furry pal eating. It’s best to stick with things that were made specifically for dogs: these tend to be both sturdier and safer overall than the ones made for people.

Kids’ Toys

If you have both a dog and a young child, you’ll probably need to keep your children’s toys—especially the smaller ones—away from your pup. Fido will of course want the toy, and he may not want to give it back if he gets it. This may in turn upset your little one, and could end up starting a ruckus.

Replacement Time

Fido can be pretty rough with his playthings. Some plushies will only last a few minutes! Pay attention to the state of your four-legged friend’s toys, and check them regularly for rips and tears. Small holes can usually be sewn shut, though if the toy is already pretty beat up it may not be worth bothering. You’ll also need to keep your canine friend’s toys clean. Fido uses his mouth to play, so his things can get dingy pretty fast. Most plushies are machine washable, though you’ll need to read the label first.


Squeakers can also be an issue. Many dogs can’t resist pulling the squeaker and stuffing out. This may be cute, but it’s also dangerous. Anything small is a choking hazard for your furry best friend. The stuffing also isn’t safe for Fido to eat. Supervise your cute pet closely when he’s playing with his plushies.

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