Teaching Your Puppy To Ride In Cars

Have you recently adopted a puppy? That first year is crucial to little Fido’s physical, emotional, and mental development. This is the time to expose your pooch to new things, and get him used to being handled, groomed, and, of course, transported. While many of our canine pals love riding around, there is definitely some training to be done in this area. In this article, a Marietta, GA vet offers advice on getting your little buddy used to car rides.


Your furry buddy’s safety is definitely the most important thing for you to consider. Dogs should always be secured for travel. It’s much easier to teach little Fido this from the start than to let him get used to being free in the car and then introducing the crate. Don’t let your pet stick his head out the window, and never leave him in a car unattended.


We recommend keeping your canine friend crated. You can also use a ‘carness’, seat gate, or car seat. Just check regulations and reviews: not every product is as safe as they seem. Make sure your puppy can move around enough to change positions: Fido may be quite uncomfortable if he has to sit in one position for a long trip. 


At first, you want to just get your puppy used to getting in and out of the car. Treats, of course, will really help sweeten the deal here. Teach little Fido that he’ll get a yummy snack for getting into the car. (If your furry friend is too small to jump, gently pick him up.) Let the little guy sniff and explore a bit. Finally, work on getting out of the car.


Just like people, dogs can—and do—get carsick. Desensitization may help with this. Start by sitting in the car in your driveway with little Fido with the engine running. Then, slowly increase the time your puppy spends in the car. A short drive around the block is a good start. Over time, you can start venturing further. Keep a window cracked at all times, and don’t feed your canine companion just before a ride. If your four-legged friend seems extremely nauseous, contact your vet. You’ll want to rule out the possibility of a medical issue.

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