Tuxedo Cats

Is your feline friend a tuxie? While kitties can spot a variety of colors and patterns, tuxies definitely have a very suave, fashion-forward look that many find absolutely charming. And while everyone thinks their feline pals are the most adorable cats ever, tuxies have earned some very devoted fans. A Marietta, GA vet discusses the tuxedo in this article.


Tuxies are often referred to as their own category of kitties, but they are not actually a specific breed. In fact, several different breeds allow tuxedo coloring, including the Maine Coon, Persian, Turkish Angora, and both American and British shorthairs.


Tuxies can have long or short fur. Many also have white faces and paws, though some just have that telltale white chest and belly. Tuxedos are usually, but not always, black and white. Fluffy can also be gray and white or even cream and white.


We may never know all the details of Fluffy’s family tree, but we know that tuxies have been charming us for quite some time. They are believed to have been bred as a mix between the British shorthair and domestic black cats. In fact, William Shakespeare had a tuxie. Other famous tuxie owners include Sir Isaac Newton, and Bill Clinton.


While all of our feline pals have their own unique ‘purrsonalities’, tuxies tend to be super lovable and cuddly. Many are also quite chatty! 


The way genes can affect kitty coat colors is quite complex. For instance, ginger cats are usually male. Tuxies, however, can inherit their coat colors from either parent.

Curious Traits

As mentioned above, the tuxie is not a specific breed in and of itself. However, these pretty kitties do share some curious traits. For instance, they often grow faster than other furballs. Most kittens don’t open their eyes until they are about two weeks old. However, tuxies often open theirs after just 24 hours. They also tend to reach their full height by about six months old, whereas the average cat (if there is such a thing) takes about a year to hit that milestone. 

Famous Tuxies

Quite a few tuxies have become kitty celebrities. Some of these include the animated felines Sylvester, Felix, and the beloved, iconic cat from Dr. Suess’ Cat In The Hat.

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