Bonding With A New Dog

Adopting a new dog is always fun and exciting. You’re not just gaining a furry, four-legged roommate, you’re welcoming an adorable new family member and a faithful new friend into your life. A Marietta, GA vet offers some advice on bonding with your canine buddy  in this article.

Coming Home

Going to a new place is a big deal for Fido. It’s a good idea to take him for a walk around the block before you bring him indoors. He’ll be more relaxed if he has been able to get the lay of the land, so to speak. If you have a large house and/or other pets, start him out in a small, quiet area at first, so he can adjust slowly.


Dogs always feel most secure when they are on a steady schedule. Get Fido started out on his new daily doggy routine for walks, meals, and playtime ASAP.


Talking to your new pooch in a gentle, friendly tone. It doesn’t matter so much what you’re saying: it’s the sound of your voice, and the fact that you’re communicating in a ‘pawsitive’ manner.

Doggy Luxuries

We love seeing dogs pampered, but would normally advise against completely spoiling them. However, that first week is an exception. Lots of toys, treats, walks, and playtime are all in order. 


Unless you’re adopting a puppy, you may need to decide whether to keep Fido’s original name or change it. If you change it, use the new moniker frequently, but only in a positive manner. Don’t use your furry pal’s name when reprimanding him: that may make him form a bad association with it.


Speaking of petiquette, you may need to train your canine companion. If your pooch doesn’t have the basics down yet, start working on those immediately. If Fido does something wrong, don’t yell at him and definitely don’t strike him. You can say ‘No’ in a disapproving tone. Aside from that, focus on rewarding good behavior.

Tail Wags

At the end of the day, you’ve promised to care for Fido for the rest of his life. That means a lot more than filling his bowl with kibble. Spend time with your furry friend, and don’t skimp on those belly rubs!

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