Finding Fluffy – Choosing The Right Cat

Are you considering adopting a new kitty? Perhaps you’ve recently had to say goodbye to a beloved feline friend. Or maybe, it’s just the right time to welcome a new pet into your home. There are a few things to keep in mind as you look for your new buddy. A Marietta, GA vet offers some advice on this below. 




It’s kitten season, so you may find that a friend, co-worker, or neighbor has some baby cats on their hands. Many shelters also have a lot of baby furballs at this time of year. There are some benefits to getting little Fluffy as a baby. You’ll be able to raise and socialize her yourself, which can help shape her purrsonality to suit you and your household. Plus, kittens are completely adorable! However, they’re also very fragile, and need a lot of supervision.


Senior Cats 


We know, kittens are adorable. However, older pets also have some great qualities. For one thing, they’re calmer, and at least somewhat less prone to mischief. (The older Fluffy gets, the less frisky she’ll be.) With older pets, what you see is what you get: you’ll be able to get a pretty good idea of your feline pal’s purrsonality pretty quick. Cats in their golden years are also often in desperate need of adoption, as they’re so often passed over for kittens.




There are both pros and cons to getting purebreds. For one thing, you’ll be spending a lot more for a pedigreed cat. Purebreds can also be inclined to certain health issues. However, some people just fall in love with certain breeds. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just go through a reputable breeder. 




Kitties sport all sorts of colors, patterns, and hairstyles. This is just a matter of purrsonal preference. Some people prefer cats of a certain color, while others may prefer either long or short fur. Longhaired kitties do need extra grooming, but they’re also super cute. 


Rescue Kitties 


No matter what age, breed, temperament, color, or coat length you want, chances are, you’ll find a purrfect match waiting for you in shelters. Adopting a rescue cat is a wonderful way to find Fluffy. Everyone deserves a second chance! 


No matter what kind of kitty you choose, please contact us for her veterinary care needs. As your Marietta, GA pet clinic, we’re here to help! 

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