Adopting A Shelter Dog: Getting Ready For Fido

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! There’s definitely no bad time to adopt a homeless pooch. Every year, millions of sweet pups are admitted to shelters. Giving one of them a second chance is a wonderful way to not only gain yourself a new furry friend, but also give Fido a new lease on life. Read on as a local Aurora CO vet offers some advice on getting ready for the big day.


Dogs are curious and playful. They also have very, very healthy appetites and an innate need to chew. That makes for a dangerous mix! Make your home safe for your four-legged pal by removing or securing anything that could pose a risk to him. Small objects are a big concern, as they’re so easy for dogs to accidentally swallow. That includes things like craft kit pieces, beads, buttons, coins, safety pins, and small toys or knick-knacks. Other unsafe items include ropes and cords; toxic plants; plastic bags and ties; chemicals; medication; and personal objects. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Shopping Spree

You’ll want to make a run to the pet store before bringing your furry buddy home. Many of the things on your shopping list should be purchased according to Fido’s size, age, and weight. That definitely is the case for food: a Pomeranian puppy is going to have very different nutritional needs than a senior German Shepherd. If you aren’t sure what size or age dog you’re getting, then you may want to wait until you’ve picked your new canine friend.

Yard Check

Another thing to put on your to-do list? Check your yard, and make sure it’s safe. Make sure that your fencing is secure, and that your pooch can’t go over, under, or even through it. We recommend getting a good self-latching gate as well. Pick up piles of debris, such as piles of leaves or dead branches: these make tempting habitats for fleas, ticks, and other unwanted guests.


Dogs are very complex and intelligent, and there’s always something more to learn about them. Even if you’ve had canine companions for your entire life, you’ll benefit from getting some insight into your new pet’s personality and care needs. That includes both breed-specific research and insight on helping a shelter dog adjust. Do plenty of reading!


Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us! As your local Aurora CO animal clinic, we’re always here to help!

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