Pug Day

Today, October 15th, is Pug Day. The Pug may be small, but he’s claimed a huge spot in our hearts. If we were to describe the Pug in one word, we’d probably choose the word ‘Adorable.’ A local Marietta, GA vet puts these sweet and adorable pooches in the spotlight below.


The Pug was originally bred as a pet and companion for Chinese nobles, and became the favorite pets of several emperors. Fido seems to have gotten quite accustomed to that level of pampering, though most modern day Pugs don’t have their own guards, as their ancestors did.

The Pug was also a favorite of Tibetan monks. By the 16th century, these dogs had made it to Europe, and wasted no time in melting hearts over there as well. Fido soon became a favorite subject of many renowned painters, including Goya. He earned himself a charming spot on the front seat of many aristocrats’ carriages, and was sometimes even dressed as a footman.

Pugs made it over to America in the 1800s, and happily waddled into the ranks of the AKC in 1885. (We say waddled because it’s rare to see pugs run or jump. Because of their short airways, they lose their breath very easily.)

Brachycephalic Care Tips

Speaking of breathing issues, Pugs are brachycephalic: that’s the technical term for pets with those adorable short faces. Because their airways are so short and compressed, Pugs are highly susceptible to respiratory issues. For that reason, Fido shouldn’t be encouraged to run or play vigorously. You’ll also need to be cautious of the possibility of eye injuries. Don’t put anything sharp at your pet’s eye level.


Fido is very affectionate and friendly, and packs a lot of personality into a pretty small body. In fact, he has his own slogan: the Latin phrase Multum in parvo, which means ‘a lot of dog in a small space’ in ‘pug’ Latin. These little guys are quite intelligent, and even make good guard dogs. (Fun fact: a Pug was credited with saving the life of a Hollander prince by alerting him to the presence of an assassin.)

Celebrity Pugs

Quite a few Pugs have achieved doggy stardom. (Fun fact # 2: a group of pugs is called a grumble.) The most famous one is probably Doug, a social media star who has been melting hearts since 2014. Check him out here!

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