Keeping Your Dog Out Of The Cat Food

Do you have both a dog and a cat? Many households include both canine and feline residents these days. Fluffy and Fido may not always get along, but they often do learn to cohabitate peacefully … or at the very least, tolerate each other. However, friction can arise around food. Man’s Best Friend has a very strong appetite, and he isn’t exactly shy about helping himself to his roommates’ meals. A Marietta, GA veterinarian offers some advice on keeping your dog from helping himself to your kitty’s dinner in this article.

Tactic #1: Feed Fluffy At Heights

One advantage cats have over dogs? They can climb. It’s actually not a bad idea to have a tall piece of furniture for Fluffy, so she always has a spot where she can get away from Fido. This is especially important as they’re getting to know each other. If you have a cat, then you should never adopt a dog that isn’t known to be good with kitties. However, no matter how sweet Fido is, your cat will probably be frightened of him at first. If your feline buddy has a cat tower or something similar, consider putting her food on that.

Tactic #2: Synchronized Feeding

One decision pet owners need to make is whether to let their furry friends nibble all day, or to only feed them at certain times. One benefit of the latter tactic? You can feed Fido and Fluffy at the same time, in separate areas. Your canine buddy will be focused on his own food, and won’t be able to reach his roommate’s.

Tactic #3 Dog-Proof Spots

This one won’t work if you have a small dog. However, assuming Fido is larger than Fluffy, it’s a good way to keep him from scarfing up her food. Look for a spot you can give your cat access to, but not your dog. One option would be to get a piece furniture made to conceal litterboxes. These also work for hiding food bowls. Or, feed Fluffy in a separate room, such as a laundry or utility room. You can install a cat door or cat flap in the door.

Tactic #4: Microchip Feeders

You can now get pet doors and bowls that can be synced up to your furry pal’s microchip. The wonders of technology!

Please contact us with questions about your kitty’s health or care. As your local Marietta, GA pet hospital, we’re here for you!

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