How To Properly Celebrate Wolfenoot

There’s a fun new canine holiday coming up on the 23rd: Wolfenoot! We know, this one hasn’t quite become a cultural phenomenon yet, and it definitely isn’t taking the top spot away from Thanksgiving. However, it is spreading, and getting a little bigger every year. A Marietta, GA vet explains this ‘pawspicious’ occasion, and offers some advice on celebrating it, in this article.


Wolfenoot was started back in 2018, when a young boy told his mother that he wanted to figure out a way to honor our canine companions and, specifically, the Great Wolf. The youngster came up with a whole holiday theme, which has been slowly but steadily gaining traction ever since.

Treasure Hunt

Any proper Wolfenoot celebration should include a scavenger hunt, when small gifts are hidden for dogs, wolves, and anyone who has been kind to them. Many of our canine companions would be more than happy to join in on a scavenger hunt! The treasures don’t have to be large or expensive. Small treats and trinkets will do nicely. As for Fido, he may enjoy sniffing out some treats.


Wolfenoot trappings include a round cake with white or yellow frosting, which would resemble the moon. On the dinner menu: red meat, because that’s what wolves eat. (Vegans and vegetarians are of course welcome to substitute.)


Wolfenoot is shaping up to become a really fun holiday for kids. (We’re pretty sure Fido won’t mind celebrating, either.) If you really want to get into the spirit, read from the official Wolfenoot storybook, which tells the story of The Great Wolf. You can find it here. Of course, any story featuring dogs and/or wolves will work. You can also have your little one write a small story or poem, or perhaps make a drawing.


What better way to wind down this special day than by watching a movie that features dogs? There are plenty of great ones to choose from, such as A Dog’s Purpose, Call Of The Wild, 101 Dalmatians, Togo, White Fang, and Wolfwalkers, which is an absolutely gorgeous animated film.

Sharing The Spirit

Wolfenoot is supposed to be about honoring wolves and dogs. The best way to do that is very likely by helping out homeless animals. Consider volunteering or perhaps donating money or supplies.

We’re signing off with the official Wolfenoot greeting: Have A Howling Wolfenoot! Happy Thanksgiving, too! Please contact us, your Marietta, GA vet clinic, for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs.

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