Holiday Food Drive For Needy Animals Day

While it’s probably safe to say that any donation is welcome, keep in mind that some shelters may need very specific things. For instance, one shelter may have an ongoing supply of kibble, but may be in desperate need of canned kitten food. Another may have loads of puppy food, but little on hand for adult dogs. You may also find shelters have certain procedures or protocols for accepting donations. Always check before donating anything.

Craft Drives

While food is the main focus of this holiday, there’s also an ongoing need for things like toys and bedding. If you make items, consider holding a craft drive to gather some of these supplies.


Bake sales are a classic way to raise money for charity events. This is the perfect time of year for them. Offer the proceeds to an animal rescue of your choice. You can also hold an auction, either in person or online.

Spread The Word

When it comes to animal charities, signal boosts are always extremely helpful. Another thing you can do is collect the urls for those wish lists, and share them in a post. You may be surprised at how effective this can be! Remember to add the hashtag  #HolidayFoodDriveForNeedyAnimalsDay.

Happy Holidays from Smyrna Animal Hospital! Please reach out to us, your local Marietta, GA pet clinic, anytime!

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